Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lohan Attempting to Out-Abuse RDJ

Isn't it fun -- checking out what passes for 'fun' down in La La land (Los Angeles)? Lindsay Lohan is hell-bent on besting Robert Downey Junior's Arrest and Rehab record. With her family history of addictive behaviour, we think she might actually have a chance.

RDJ, long since retired from the 'blow and booze' scene is confident his record will stand, "I'm betting the best Lindsay's going to manage is maybe 'Miss Mono-Nostril of Malibu'. Even at the height of my drug use, people still knew I had talent. Beside's fake tits, what has Lindsay got? Give her a few more years of self abuse, her looks'll go and she'll be as obscure as any of the bag-ladies on Wilshire."

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