Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nuclear Industry Making a Comeback -- As is Godzilla

NOTE: This entry is about crocodiles, not crocodile tears, but it amused me just the same. Republished from

OK, this isn't really a freeluna story, but it grabbed my attention with some amusement. I read the story on Yahoo, but tracked it down to CBS is about the rare American Crocodile making its way back from extinction via the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station. This is a bit of a fluff piece since it was already mentioned by CSI Miami about two seasons ago, but the story goes on to say how nuclear power and nature can beneficially cohabitate, which in this instance seems to be the case.

As most know, CBS is owned by Westinghouse and the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station runs two Westinghouse nuclear reactors. This cound indicate that the nuclear industry (or at least Westinghouse) has detected a sea-change in the public opinion of nuclear power and is trying to jump-start a pro-nuclear movement via their news outlet. This wouldn't surprise me much, but I am a bit disturbed that the impartiality of the news has been compromised. Other news outlets, such as NPR, have also picked up on the story. I wonder if anyone else will wonder where this story originated.

P.S. Generally I beleive we will soon be moving towards using nuclear energy as our primary energy source in the next few decades. Given the pre-existing infrastructure, it seems unavoidable.

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