Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Senator Craig Caught with Pants Down

Yes, he was attempting to diddle a Minneapolis airport police officer (male) from under an airport restroom stall. OK, maybe he's not gay. Maybe he's a pedophile tending towards the more mature young men. Maybe he's got very poor taste when it comes to illicit rendezvous venues. Maybe no-one (few at any rate) would care, except for his anti-gay voting record. Maybe I'm scandalled out enough to not care, so maybe I should just send out a crocodile tear to all those people who are still shocked and surprised by the two-faced antics of their politicians.

Rove and Gonzales:Two Fiends in Two Weeks

OK, maybe "fiends" is too strong a word, or maybe "fiends" isn't strong enough. Besides, one can never be too sure that Karl won't rise again in some ghastly new form, such as a campaign consultant for Mitt Romney or similar. Shy of a dousing with holy water and a holly stake through the heart, one can never be too complacent about him. But if I were the Democrats, I'ld find some way to clone or hire Karl. He has morals that would give a sewer rat pause, but he no doubt was effective.

Meanwhile, the AG is resigning (under the same cloud). Should we feel sorry for the guy who tried his damnedest to toss out the bill of rights? To eavesdrop on US citizens without warrant? To deny the right of habeus corpus? Should we care to where he shuffles off? I think not. Just keep on movin' lawyer man.

But just in case these two end up drowning in a vat of holy water or get skewered by a truckload of lumber, I am setting aside two crocodile tears for them in advance.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lohan Attempting to Out-Abuse RDJ

Isn't it fun -- checking out what passes for 'fun' down in La La land (Los Angeles)? Lindsay Lohan is hell-bent on besting Robert Downey Junior's Arrest and Rehab record. With her family history of addictive behaviour, we think she might actually have a chance.

RDJ, long since retired from the 'blow and booze' scene is confident his record will stand, "I'm betting the best Lindsay's going to manage is maybe 'Miss Mono-Nostril of Malibu'. Even at the height of my drug use, people still knew I had talent. Beside's fake tits, what has Lindsay got? Give her a few more years of self abuse, her looks'll go and she'll be as obscure as any of the bag-ladies on Wilshire."