Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fallwell/God Meet-Up

Apparently Jerry has gone the way of the dodo and the carrier pidgeon. Known for the founding of the Moral Majority; blaming September 11th on pagans, feminists, abortionists, and secularists; outting Tinky Winky; and generally providing the face of narrowminded bigotry in the guise of Christianity; "Doctor" Jerry Falwell left the building today. He is well on his way to meet his maker. Hopefully Lord Dread Cthullu, the one true god, finds a worthy snack in Jerry's corpulence and is appeased. For satiating the dark lord, I stick a finger in my eye and shed a crocodile tear Jerry's way.

Paris Hilton on her way to the Hoosegow

The latest personification of western decadence finds herself on the way to jail for violating the terms of her payroll. Apparently the party's over. The unspeakable horrors she's bound to face during her incarceration -- no facials, no pedicures, etc. -- force me to yank out a nose hair and shed a tear her way.

Crocodile Tears

FWIW, crocodile's do weep real tears. They just don't shed tears for their victims. Thus this blog was started to lament the misfortune of others whom I believe got their just deserts.