Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Timely Demise of the Skank Ho?

It seems as though Britney Spears' comeback tour may have come to an abortive end before it began. Would that be too much to hope for? Personally, I'm wondering if this is a sign that the "skank ho movement" is dying out too. Paris Hilton appears to be getting the message, Lindsay Lohan is safely tucked away in permanent rehab, Janet Jackson has gone underground, which leaves Christina Aguilera -- who might be settling down, but even if she is a skank ho, she still gets by with more talent than the rest combined. Let's face it, aspiring to be a skank ho is a bit like aspiring to be a junkie's assistant, like aspiring to win a 100 yard dash against a snail, like aspiring to herd rocks, or aspiring to be the town drunk. Kind of a reduction in status from being a normal human being. So here's my crocodile tear for the demise of the skank ho movement. Long may it rest in peace.

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